A handmade table on Boogie-rider

We put handmade table on Boogie Rider No. 1 and No. 2, respectively. It may be convenient to have a table in this camper.

Boogie-rider No. 1 is a brown body color, so I painted it in woody brown. No. 2 is a pop emerald green, I finished it in white. I had a little hard time installing metal fittings, but I managed to complete it finally.

I am more than happy if you like it, even if these are the amateur made and if you can spend even a little comfortably. If you feel good, please use this table for tea time drinks while looking out the window or lanterns that illuminate the cabin at night, etc.

Video of making a handmade table for Boogie-Rider!!

We look forward to your feedback and new idea for this vehicle!!